Patent Reform Legislative Proposals
Tuesday, December 3, 2013 at 10:32AM

Patent reform is a hot issue in Washington DC right now. In fact there are currently nine different patent reform legislative proposals under consideration by Congress.

The SPAN (Stop Patent Abuse Now) coalition has been proactive in representing the views of the marketing industry and advocating the need for patent reform particularly related to evasive demand letters. In order to help you understand the range of pending patent reform legislation, Venable LLP has developed a side-by-side comparison of the proposed patent bills (see attached worksheet/link). The Venable worksheet summarizes the key aspects of the pending proposals including: Invalidation of overly broad patents, demand letter regulation, pleading requirements, transparency, fee-shifting and bonding proposals, etc. 

The Venable LLP patent reform proposals worksheet, that is attached/linked here, summarizes nine patent reform proposals that are currently under consideration:

S.1612; Patent Litigation Integrity Act; Hatch, R-UT
S.1720; Patent Transparency and Improvements Act; Leahy, D-VT
H.R. 3309; Innovation Act; Goodlatte,R-VA
S.1013; Patent Abuse Reduction Act Cornyn, R-TX
S. 866; Patent Quality Improvement Act; Schumer, D-NY
H.R. 3540; Demand Letter Transparency Act; Polis, D-CO
H.R.2639; Patent Litigation and Innovation Act; Jeffries, D-NY
H.R. 2766; Stopping Offensive Use of Patents Act; Issa, R-CA;Chu D-CA
H.R. 2024; End Anonymous Patents Act; Deutch,D-FL

The 4A's will continue to monitor patent reform initiatives and advise as legislation moves forward.

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