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The Patents of Interest section of the 4A's Patent Forum Website is maintained and curated by the 4A's for Members interested in learning more about patents that have been asserted against Members, Members' clients, and others in the Marketing Industry.  Like the 4A's Patent Forum Website generally, it is purely informational in nature and is not intended to provide advice or to provide all information needed to make business or legal decisions related to any patents or technologies.  Please consult with your legal counsel with regard to using this section of the Website.

Submissions:  If you wish to add a patent or patent application to Patents of Interest, please call Tom Finneran or Chick Foxgrover at the 4A's with an explanation of why the patent or application should be of interest to others in the Marketing Industry (e.g. the patent owner has sued or sent demand letters to companies in the Marketing Industry).  The 4A's will consider your submission and decide whether to post the patent or application.  You will not be identified, and your communication with the 4A's will be discarded after it is considered.  The 4A's will not keep a record of submissions.

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Some Members have inquired whether use of this Website may raise their risk of being adjudged a willful patent infringer.  You should consult with your legal counsel on this subject.  The 4A's white paper “Patent Assertion Information: Willful Infringement Considerations” (in the section that follows) offers guidance for review with your counsel: